Chrystal is an experienced leader in next generation service programs and specialist tooling for automotive workshops both franchise and independent.
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Who We Are

Increases in your profitability and customer service is the primary goal of our company and our team of dedicated personnel, who bring over thirty years of hands on experience to our customers and their service teams. In today’s business world the need to deliver not only superior competitive service but also customer transparency, is essential to the long term success of any service workshop.

At “The Chrystal Group” we have the tools, the skills and the experience to assist our valued customers in keeping ahead of the competition and enjoying the return on their investment that they deserve. As a company dedicated to the Automotive Industry we also draw experience from other professional product related divisions that we are associated with, including the Landscaping Industry.

Vehicle Visuals is an on-line animation tool (click here) for Automotive Service Professional’s, allowing them to share complex repair images with their customers within the Service Reception or to the customers computer or chosen mobile device Apple , Android or tablet, ensuring customer transparency, an increase in the customer service experience and the securing of additional Service and Parts sales, including:
•         New 2015 web site now live
•         3D Animation’s
•        Email marketing support
•        On-line technical training
•         Monthly Reporting System

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Euro Roller deliver’s cost effective solutions to dangerous toxic vehicle exhaust fumes in automotive workshops. Our product adheres to the requirements of Health & Safety at work, in assuring that workshop staff and their customers receive the very best protection from harmful emissions.


The Euro Roller MF 100 Exhaust Extraction filter operates immediately the engine is started and can remain fitted whilst the vehicle is moved within the workshop area and when the engine is running at idle for any diagnostic checks. The filter is not designed for continuous high revs such as for DPF regeneration.

The MF 100 is designed for Car and Light Commercial vehicle use. Each MF 100 unit comes with one replacement filter cartridge which normally requires replacing after approximately 120 Diesel and 280 Petrol uses. There is a foil button within the unit which breaks to indicate the need to replace the filter cartridge.

Technical Information

• Single Unit Weight – 780g

• Maximum Constant Temperature: 170 c

• Maximum Temperature: 220 c

• Maximum Engine Capacity: 3.5 Litre

• Maximum Engine Speed: 1500 rpm

• Average number of Stop/Starts (2.0 Litre Engine) 280 Petrol / 120 Diesel


• Particulate Separation – 99%

• Nitrous Oxides (Nox) – 80%

• Carbon Monoxide (CO) -50%

• HC Separation – 35%

*Product specification may change without prior notification


Euro Roller also supply exhaust extraction for heavy trucks and the MF180 shown is ideal for engines up to 16 litres and perfect for companies who are servicing trucks from mobile locations, without fixed workshop extraction

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The watering and fertilization of the deep root systems of established and newly planted trees, is critical to their health and survival. “Deep Drip” is the product and reducing water wastage is the added bonus.

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